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We help day-care providers, preschool administrators, and out-of-school time program managers handle and automate student enrollment and administrative tasks in one easy-to-use childcare management software.

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Did You Know That You Can Track Care Time and Invoice Parents Who Are Consistently Late?

When parents are consistently late to pick up their children from childcare, the children and your business suffer. Our program helps you track the hours of care so that parents will be financially accountable for consistently late pickups. VirtuClock is a childcare management software that helps to simplify the process of tracking children’s attendance. This ONE easy-to-use platform allows you to: create and update children’s profiles; track current attendance; and create automated reports in just one click. You can also track and accept parent payments, make group announcements & notifications, send individual and broadcast texts and send email messages.. Sign up now to receive a free 14-day trial. (No credit card needed.)

Childcare Management Software Has Everything You Need in One Place

childcare management software - daycare management software - preschool management software

Kiosk Mode

A kiosk-style sign-in station helps you automatically track children’s drop-off and pick-up times in order to simplify administrative processes.

Touchless check-in option is available. 

childcare management software - daycare management software - preschool management software

Late Fee Reports

Set up late fee schedules to automatically invoice parents who are consistently late in picking up their children. (According to a recent questionnaire, childcare providers who invoiced for late pickups saw a 20% increase in monthly billable hours.)

childcare management software - daycare management software - preschool management software

Seamless Payments

Features of this easy-to-use platform include: automated billing processes; the capability to broadcast announcements and notifications via texts and/or emails; the capability to post notices on the sign-in kiosk.

childcare management software - daycare management software - preschool management software

Management process easy as 1-2-3

Our childcare management software is user-friendly, works on any device, and can be set up in minutes. Sign up now so that your precious time can be spent with the children and NOT on administrative tasks.

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What Makes VirtuClock Different

From Other Childcare Management Software

Exceptional Customer Service

We offer personalized customer service, a free trial, assistance with set-up, training, and support. Start with a 14-day trial (no credit card needed) to see the difference.

App Customization To The Client Needs

Do you require customization of the software? Contact us! Would you prefer to use your own childcare domain name? That’s not an issue! Would you like to brand it with your logo and style? We’re happy to do this for you!

Data Safety

We guarantee the safety of the data on our software. No one can access the information stored in your profile. Our software complies with new data protection regulations and we use the best security solutions for successful payments.

Get Started In Three Easy Steps

Once you sign-up with a 14-day free trial, you can begin setting up the software for your childcare business needs. Don’t forget, we are always here to help you. Contact us if you have any questions.

childcare management software - daycare management software - preschool management software
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Set up the software for your
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VirtuClock was Created to Solve the Challenges that Childcare Providers Face Daily

VirtuClock is a family-owned business. This cloud-based software solution was built by Alex Cher who has first-hand experience in running a day-care business. He knows that day-care management is very time-consuming for administrators. They have to manage the educational plan, the finances, and the staff for their business, while remaining calm and collected.. Automating administrative tasks (such as invoicing for late pick-ups and communicating with parents) will leave administrators free to concentrate on more important matters.

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Do you still have doubts?

Here are some numbers that you may find interesting:


The percentage of day-care providers using this platform who save up to 3 hours of their time every day with VirtuClock*


The number of US and International childcare centers that are currently using Virtuclock


The average percentage increase in monthly billable hours for providers who charge for consistent late pick-ups*

* According to the current childcare provider’s questionnaire

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Virtuclock helps our after school program to be efficient, regulated, organized, and is impressive from the families perspective.

Brett E.

I am truly happy to have found this app for my playschool. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my small business's daily reporting and recording keeping. I can always export the files to my google sheet if needed for reporting. I will not switch to another provider as this software has given me the ease of use, affordability, and great features that I can't seem to find in others without breaking my budget. Best of all, I always get great customer service which I can reach out to any time through email. Response time is pretty quick and they assist me right away with my queries and precise instructions.

Lourdes D.

This platform is awesome! I’ve been looking for a tool that enables us to manage our daycare centre.

Lisa G.

VirtuClock is so user-friendly! I truly have an easy time using this. Thank you so much.

Bonnie R.

Thank you VirtuClock for all your recent help switching over to the new website! Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been using VirtuClock to help me track the hours of my small in-home daycare and keep our schedules on track, and with the new website Alex personally reached out to me to provide outstanding customer service. He helped me gather my old data, get everything set up and reply very quickly even over the weekend and after business hours. I appreciate this company so much, and I’m so glad to have them to help!


This program has been a great addition to our small childcare and preschool (around 90 children). It is feature rich and a value that can’t be beaten with other programs. The developer is responsive to suggestions and makes it easy to use. I appreciate the personalized service and the continued development of new features but even more, I appreciate the affordability it offers for smaller operations like mine.

Janet L.

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