Childcare Attendance Tracking

Manage Students

To add a new student – enter the first and last name and a classroom tag. Tags can be used in reports, for group check-in and check-out, and for filtering student lists. You can add student’s details, such as profile picture, birthday and vaccination details, list of medications or allergies, food program, food restrictions, etc. If the student attends a specific program, you can choose that here as well.

If you already have lists of students, adults, or both, you can import these lists into the VirtuClock system.

Below the student’s details, you can add adults to the student’s safe list. These adults can check the student in or out and receive notifications by email or text message from our platform.

Track Attendance

VirtuClock Kiosk is where parents check students in or out. To set up your Kiosk, you will need to enter the Kiosk title (it’s typically the name of your childcare business). Also, you can enable the signature option on sign-in/out if required by your childcare or local jurisdiction. You can also upload your childcare logo to show it on the Kiosk page.

If your childcare has more than one drop-off or pick-up location, you can enter those under the schools’ section, which will be discussed in the school section. Each parent signs in and out with their phone number or 4-digits code.

Group check-in or check-out is used by the childcare employees to quickly check-in or out a group of students all at once.

Invoice Parents Who Are Consistently Late

You can set up your late fee structure and configure a childcare schedule for late fee calculations on the platform. Note that these settings don’t affect the actual charges parents incur. This is a simple way to track what is owed, which you can apply when billing.

You can choose how you will charge adults for late pick-ups:

checkmarkBy scheduled time means that late fees are charged according to the childcare’s schedule the student is registered for

checkmarkOr according to a default childcare schedule, 8 am – 5 pm

checkmarkBy total time means that fees are charged according to the actual time that passes between check-in and check-out

checkmarkYou can also charge by whichever total time is the longest. Set the late fee charges, such as $2 per minute, or you can set a flat fee. You can also set the maximum time that students can remain in your care, whether to send a message for late pick-ups.

Create Reports

In VirtuClock, you can generate reports with the list of the students currently checked in, the timesheet reports and the late fees reports generated according to the rules set up in the fee rules settings. These reports can be downloaded as CSV or Excel files. You can specify a date range at the top, search for a specific student, adult or tag, and download or print the deal.

Communicate With Parents

There are three ways to communicate with parents and other adults in your childcare:

checkmarkDisplay Kiosk message – above or below the phone number that remains on the screen during check-in or out

checkmarkIndividual or group text message – send text messages at once

checkmarkIndividual or group emails with attachments.