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* Information based on a survey of current VirtuClock users


The percentage of day-care providers using this platform who save up to 3 hours of their time every day with VirtuClock*


The number of US and International childcare centers that are currently using Virtuclock


The average percentage increase in monthly billable hours for providers who charge for consistent late pick-ups*

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Elevate Classroom Efficiency: VirtuClock for Teachers

Discover how childcare software can revolutionize the way teachers manage daily activities, communicate with parents, and track child development

Time-saving Attendance Management

Easily record student attendance and streamline classroom organization with VirtuClock’s intuitive interface

Simplified Communication

Foster better parent-teacher communication through seamless messaging and notification features, ensuring a collaborative learning environment

Effortless Lesson Planning

Create, share, and track lesson plans effortlessly, optimizing teaching strategies and student engagement

Personalized Student Profiles

Access comprehensive student profiles with details like allergies, medical information, and contact details for tailored care and support

Secure Check-in/Check-out

Ensure child safety with secure check-in/out procedures, providing peace of mind for both teachers and parents

Data-driven Insights

Leverage insightful reports on attendance, student progress, and classroom activities to make informed decisions and improve teaching practices

Flexible Billing Solutions

Simplify billing processes with customizable options, allowing teachers to focus more on student learning and less on administrative tasks

14-Day Free Trial

Experience the benefits of Virtuclock firsthand with a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore its features and functionality before committing

Enhanced Parental Engagement

Elevate communication with parents by using display kiosk messages, texts, and emails. Keep them informed and involved in their child’s daily activities

Seamless Connection

Bridge the gap between parents and childcare providers effortlessly. Our feature ensures that parents feel connected and well-informed about their child’s experiences in the childcare center

Display Kiosk Messages

Share important updates and announcements through easily visible display kiosk messages, ensuring parents are always in the loo

Text Notifications

Send quick and direct text messages to parents, providing instant updates or urgent information

Email Communication

Foster detailed and organized communication through emails, allowing for more comprehensive sharing of information between childcare providers and parents


Tailor messages and notifications to align with your childcare center’s tone and style, creating a personalized and familiar communication experience for parents

Timely Alerts

Utilize timely alerts to notify parents of important events, activities, or emergencies, ensuring that they are always aware and prepared

Feedback Loop

Establish a feedback loop by encouraging parents to respond or ask questions through messages, texts, or emails, fostering a collaborative relationship between parents and childcare providers.

In summary, our childcare software’s feature for display kiosk messages, texts, and emails is crafted to enhance parental engagement, create a seamless connection, and provide various opportunities for customization and feedback


Childcare software streamlines administrative tasks, allowing teachers more time to focus on educational activities. It simplifies processes like documentation, planning, and parent communication.

Yes, our childcare software includes features for direct communication with parents, such as messaging systems, digital newsletters, and updates on their child’s progress and daily activities.

It provides tools to record and analyze individual developmental milestones, health data, and educational progress, making it easier for teachers to tailor educational strategies to each child’s needs.

Yes, reputable childcare software solutions implement strong security measures to protect sensitive information about children and their families, such as encryption and secure data storage practices.


People are Saying About Virtuclock

Lourdes D.


I am truly happy to have found this app for my playschool. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my small business’s daily reporting and recording keeping. I can always export the files to my google sheet if needed for reporting. I will not switch to another provider as this software has given me the ease of use, affordability, and great features that I can’t seem to find in others without breaking my budget. Best of all, I always get great customer service which I can reach out to any time through email. Response time is pretty quick and they assist me right away with my queries and precise instructions.

Janet L.

DAYCARE director

This program has been a great addition to our small childcare and preschool (around 90 children). It is feature rich and a value that can’t be beaten with other programs. The developer is responsive to suggestions and makes it easy to use. I appreciate the personalized service and the continued development of new features but even more, I appreciate the affordability it offers for smaller operations like mine.


daycare OWNER

Thank you VirtuClock for all your recent help switching over to the new website! Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been using VirtuClock to help me track the hours of my small in-home daycare and keep our schedules on track, and with the new website Alex personally reached out to me to provide outstanding customer service. He helped me gather my old data, get everything set up and reply very quickly even over the weekend and after business hours. I appreciate this company so much, and I’m so glad to have them to help!

Cheryl A.


Fantastic! With the implementation, of stricter health measures in our province the week after we opened, I needed to be able to track daily health checks. With a quick email to my customer service rep, a brief explanation and an example of what I need, the questionnaire was added and was started using it this week. It is perfect, for my needs!

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