Optional COVID-19 Childcare Screening Tool

We know how many things you do to protect children, families, and staff from the spread of COVID-19.

We have integrated a COVID-19 screening tool directly on the Sign-in Kiosk screen.  The purpose of this screening tool is to help parents and guardians make decisions about whether their child can attend a school or child care.

If this feature is enabled – parents must complete a screening self-assessment check on the ‘Kiosk’ screen before attending the childcare.

If one of the questions is answered positively, the system will restrict the check-in process.

All screening reports for the last 14 days are saved automatically in PDF format to the student profile (regardless of the screening result). Choose the screening report date you need to download if required. (Please see the attached picture and sample report.)

The screening report includes:

Student and adult name

Date and time

Screening questions and answers along with parent signature (if enabled)