Virtuclock: Empowering Childcare Businesses

Explore Virtuclock’s powerful features designed to streamline childcare center operations and enhance communication, ensuring a smooth experience for both administrators and parents.

Childcare Center Management:
Streamlining Student Profiles

  • Easily add and manage student details.
  • Upload profile pictures, birthdays, and vaccination information.
  • Customize food programs and restrictions.
  • Assign students to specific programs effortlessly.
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Attendance Tracking:
Secure and Convenient Sign-ins

  • Revolutionize attendance tracking with secure QR or PIN code check-ins.
  • Empower parents with effortless sign-ins
  • Auto-save records for licensing compliance
  • Enhance operational efficiency with a touch of convenience
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Flexible Fee Management for Control

  • Set up a personalized late fee structure
  • Configure childcare schedules for accurate late fee calculations
  • Flexible control of billing processes
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Parent Communication:
Seamless Connection with Parents

  • Facilitate communication through Display Kiosk messages
  • Efficiently send individual or group text messages
  • Foster engagement with individual or group emails and easy attachments

Insightful Data for Informed Decision-Making

  • Comprehensive reports on student check-ins, timesheets, and late fees
  • Download reports in CSV or Excel format
  • Customize date ranges and search for specific students or adults
  • Insights
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Health Screening Tool:
Prioritize Safety with Screening Reports

  • Integrated directly on the Sign-in Kiosk screen.
  • Efficiently send individual or group text messages
  • Parents complete a self-assessment check before childcare attendance
  • Positive answers restrict the check-in process
  • Screening reports for the last 14 days automatically saved in PDF format
  • Includes student and adult names, date and time, screening questions, answers, and parent signature

Multiple Locations:
Efficient Management Across Branches

  • Childcare Owners manage multiple locations effortlessly.
  • Control Kiosk mode options, individual/group sign-in/out, and communications.
  • Set up program schedules and manage late fee reports
  • Childcare Administrators view and print attendance reports
  • A Childcare Administrator can make minor edits, but not delete or fully edit student/adult profiles

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