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* According to the current childcare provider’s questionnaire


The percentage of childcare providers who report improved financial accuracy and reduced errors with our accounting and billing software*


The average extra time childcare providers get after switching from manual invoicing and billing tasks to our automated system*


The average increase in timely payments received by providers using our automated payment reminders and alerts*

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Revolutionize your preschool’s financial management and efficiency with our program, designed to simplify accounting and billing tasks so you can focus on what truly matters – the children

Customize Late Fee Structure

Tailor late fees to your childcare center’s needs by setting them based on scheduled times, default schedules, or actual time elapsed between check-in and check-out

Flexible Charging Options

Choose between charges per minute or a flat fee for late pickups, ensuring fairness and flexibility for parents

Establish Maximum Stay Times

Set limits on how long children can stay at your childcare center, helping to manage schedules and resources effectively

Enable Notifications for Late Pick-Ups

Keep parents informed by enabling automatic notifications for late pick-ups. Parents will be notified in advance about both the delay and the amount they need to pay, allowing them to be prepared ahead of time and avoid unexpected expenses

Streamlined Billing Management

Simplify your billing process by quickly setting up billing, creating customized billing plans for one or multiple students, and automating invoicing tasks

Flexible Billing Plans

Easily set up and edit billing plans, add discounts, and allocate charges between different payers. You can set specific start and end dates for each billing plan, and choose whether to include late fees

Automated Payment Alerts

Instantly know when tuition payments made with a credit or debit card have failed, allowing you to address issues promptly and ensure seamless transactions

Invoice Management

Sort invoices by status (paid, unpaid), payment date, and invoice amount. Easily access total outstanding balances for the daycare, view unpaid invoices, and track unpaid invoices for each student, among other features

Automated Recurring Invoices

Easily set up and send automated recurring invoices on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Rate types can be fixed or dynamic, and the setup process is straightforward

Protect Your Business

Safeguard your information with best-in-class security and compliance standards. Our robust security measures ensure that your data is protected, allowing you to focus on running your business effectively

Enhanced Learning

Our feature brings innovation to the learning experience, making it more exciting and effective for students

Efficient Operations

Streamline your daily tasks and operations effortlessly, saving time and effort for teachers and administrators

Interactive Learning Tools

Engage students with interactive tools that make learning fun and effective.

Simplified Administration

Easily manage administrative tasks, allowing educators to focus more on teaching and less on paperwork.

Real-time Monitoring

Keep track of student progress and activities in real-time, providing insights for better educational decisions


Tailor the feature to meet the specific needs of your educational environment, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your goals


Encourage collaboration among students and teachers, fostering a supportive learning community.

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage data for informed decision-making, enabling continuous improvement in both teaching methods and operational efficiency

In summary, our feature not only enhances the learning journey but also provides practical solutions to make daily operations smoother and more effective for everyone involved.

Who uses Virtuclock childcare software

Transforming childcare management with Virtuclock: Empowering centers, engaging parents, and nurturing growth

In essence, Virtuclock revolutionizes childcare supervision by empowering everyone involved—preschools, centers, owners, parents, and teachers—ultimately fostering the growth and well-being of children in a supportive environment.

For Preschools

Preschools use Virtuclock to make childcare supervision easier and more efficient. It helps teachers keep track of activities, attendance, and the well-being of each child

For Centers

Childcare centers utilize Virtuclock to streamline their operations. It assists in managing schedules, tracking staff performance, and ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for children

For Owners & Directors

Owners and directors of childcare facilities benefit from Virtuclock by gaining insights into overall center performance, financial management, and compliance. It aids in making informed decisions to enhance the quality of childcare services

For Parents

Parents use Virtuclock to stay connected with their child’s daily activities, progress, and well-being. The software provides real-time updates, allowing parents to be actively involved in their child’s growth and development

For Teachers

Teachers rely on Virtuclock as a tool to plan and document daily activities, communicate with parents, and monitor the development of each child. It simplifies administrative tasks, allowing teachers to focus more on providing quality care and education


The billing feature in our childcare software is designed for simplicity. It allows you to easily generate invoices for parents based on their childcare services. You can input the relevant details, and the system will calculate the total amount due. It helps in keeping track of payments and ensuring accurate billing for the services provided.

The contactless QR code Check-in/out feature seamlessly integrates with our automated billing system. When a child checks in or out using the QR code, the system automatically records the time, which is then used to generate accurate billing information. This means that data regarding early check-ins and late pick-ups are effortlessly captured and entered into the system, allowing invoices to be generated accordingly. By automating this process, childcare providers can ensure precise billing and streamline their administrative tasks.

Absolutely! You have the freedom to customize your preschool’s invoices and receipts to reflect your unique brand. Personalize the look, include your logo, and choose colors that match your preschool’s branding. This way, every financial document carries your distinctive touch.

Yes, our accounting tools support various payment methods. Parents can make payments using credit or debit cards, and the childcare provider will see the invoice marked as “Paid” in the software, saving time and making it immediately visible on the dashboard. Additionally, while Virtuclock facilitates payments via credit or debit cards, other payment methods like bank transfers can be arranged directly with the daycare program based on their preferences. This flexibility ensures convenience for both the preschool and parents.

Certainly! Our software enables you to set up automatic billing for parents’ tuition fees. This feature helps in reducing manual effort, ensuring timely payments, and providing a seamless experience for parents who prefer automated transactions.


People are Saying About Virtuclock

Lourdes D.


I am truly happy to have found this app for my playschool. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my small business’s daily reporting and recording keeping. I can always export the files to my google sheet if needed for reporting. I will not switch to another provider as this software has given me the ease of use, affordability, and great features that I can’t seem to find in others without breaking my budget. Best of all, I always get great customer service which I can reach out to any time through email. Response time is pretty quick and they assist me right away with my queries and precise instructions.

Janet L.

DAYCARE director

This program has been a great addition to our small childcare and preschool (around 90 children). It is feature rich and a value that can’t be beaten with other programs. The developer is responsive to suggestions and makes it easy to use. I appreciate the personalized service and the continued development of new features but even more, I appreciate the affordability it offers for smaller operations like mine.


daycare OWNER

Thank you VirtuClock for all your recent help switching over to the new website! Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been using VirtuClock to help me track the hours of my small in-home daycare and keep our schedules on track, and with the new website Alex personally reached out to me to provide outstanding customer service. He helped me gather my old data, get everything set up and reply very quickly even over the weekend and after business hours. I appreciate this company so much, and I’m so glad to have them to help!

Cheryl A.


Fantastic! With the implementation, of stricter health measures in our province the week after we opened, I needed to be able to track daily health checks. With a quick email to my customer service rep, a brief explanation and an example of what I need, the questionnaire was added and was started using it this week. It is perfect, for my needs!

Brett E.

Auxiliary Programs Coordinator

– Love the ease of checking in
– Classroom or group tags
– Variable schedules
– Ability to text families if they are late picking up.

Сustomer service has always been very helpful in resolving any issues that come up!

I have used VirtuClock for our charter schools’ after school program since it started years ago. I love this site, and it has been a blessing for managing the after school check-ins and parent check-out. It also helps me when billing to be able to pull reports! Great system! I would recommend it to everyone!

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