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Real-time, personalized day-to-day reports provide useful assistance in maintaining a centralized and comprehensive record of all students’ activities

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* According to the current childcare provider’s questionnaire


he percentage of day-care providers using this platform who save up to 3 hours of their time every day with VirtuClock*


The number of US and International childcare centers that are currently using Virtuclock


The average percentage increase in monthly billable hours for providers who charge for consistent late pick-ups*

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✔ Attendance report (Check-In report) ✔ Timesheet report ✔ Students’ daily activity report ✔ Preschool daily report ✔ Scheduling daily report ✔ Late fees report ✔ Early drop-off report ✔ Overtime hours’ report ✔ Developmental progress report ✔ Communication history report ✔ Billing report ✔ More other detailed reports

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Reports to monitor students’ daily activities and track progress, as well as to control payments owed and received

Insightful Data for Decision-Making

Access comprehensive reports on student check-ins, timesheets, students’ daily activities, late fees, overtime hours and billing. Customize date ranges and search for specific students or parents for detailed insights

Comprehensive Reports

Unlock valuable insights to optimize operations and enhance efficiency within your childcare center. Access detailed reports on student check-ins, timesheets, students’ daily activities, late fees, overtime hours and billing to optimize your childcare operations

Flexible Reporting Formats

Download activity reports in PDF, CSV or Excel format for easy analysis and sharing or sending to families. Customize date ranges to focus on specific periods and extract actionable insights

Customizable Reporting

Customize reports to meet your specific needs or licensing requirements. Filter data by date, activity type, student, or parent to gain deeper insights into attendance patterns and fee management

Instant Insight

With real-time progress tracking, educators and parents get instant insights into a child’s development and educational journey

Personalized Support

Teachers can identify areas where a child excels or may need extra support in real-time. This allows for personalized lesson plans and interventions tailored to each child’s unique learning needs

Parent Engagement

Parents can actively participate in their child’s education journey by receiving immediate updates on their progress. This fosters a strong connection between parents, teachers, and the child, promoting a collaborative learning environment

Efficient Decision-Making

School administrators can make informed decisions promptly based on the real-time data provided. This feature aids in efficient resource allocation, curriculum adjustments, and overall improvement of the learning environment

Streamlined Communication

Real-time progress tracking facilitates seamless communication between teachers and parents. Any achievements, concerns, or milestones are communicated promptly, ensuring a transparent and supportive educational community

Who uses Virtuclock childcare software

Transforming childcare management with Virtuclock: Empowering centers, engaging parents, and nurturing growth

In essence, Virtuclock revolutionizes childcare supervision by empowering everyone involved—preschools, centers, owners, parents, and teachers—ultimately fostering the growth and well-being of children in a supportive environment.

For Preschools

Childcare software to streamline the organization of children’s activities, offering flexible scheduling and seamless parent communication

For Centers

Universal solution tailored to streamline administrative tasks, facilitate lesson planning, and enhance parent engagement for preschools of all sizes

For Owners & Directors

Unlock the power to empower management, optimize operations, and foster collaboration among staff to create a thriving learning environment. Access real time reports and billing data to see balances, deposits, transactions, revenue, etc.

For Parents

Stay connected with your child’s learning journey, day’s activities, events and developmental progress, receive real-time updates, manage payments, and engage with teachers effortlessly through our intuitive childcare software application

For Teachers

Simplify lesson planning, streamline communication with parents, track children’s progress, and manage daily tasks seamlessly with our comprehensive childcare software application


Administrators can analyze attendance trends, enrollment numbers, staff performance metrics, financial data, and more, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Yes, the key benefit of the advanced reports feature is its adaptability. Administrators can tailor data analysis to their unique needs and preferences, customize and filter the student’s activity feed by date or activity type for one, some or all students. They can define specific parameters and criteria, allowing them to zoom in on specific aspects of their childcare center and generate reports that deliver the most relevant insights for their decisions.

When administrators utilize the advanced reports feature to create detailed reports on various aspects of childcare operations and send daily activity reports or newsletters to families, it fosters transparency and boosts family engagement. This transparency builds trust and accountability, allowing parents to feel confident about their child’s care and stakeholders to see the value delivered by the childcare center.

Yes, the advanced reports feature is designed to empower proactive decision-making. Administrators can access real-time data updates, track attendance throughout the day, etc., allowing them to conduct instant analysis. This ensures they can respond quickly to changing situations and make well-informed decisions promptly.

Using software Virtuclock administrators can anytime easily create any report digitally, share, download or print it. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and spreadsheets, making all the process hassle-free, as well as reduces office supply expenses. These time-consuming administrative tasks are automated, freeing up your staff to focus more on the children. Everything is digital, which is so much more efficient.


People are Saying About Virtuclock

Lourdes D.


I am truly happy to have found this app for my playschool. This is exactly what I have been looking for to manage my small business’s daily reporting and recording keeping. I can always export the files to my google sheet if needed for reporting. I will not switch to another provider as this software has given me the ease of use, affordability, and great features that I can’t seem to find in others without breaking my budget. Best of all, I always get great customer service which I can reach out to any time through email. Response time is pretty quick and they assist me right away with my queries and precise instructions.

Janet L.

DAYCARE director

This program has been a great addition to our small childcare and preschool (around 90 children). It is feature rich and a value that can’t be beaten with other programs. The developer is responsive to suggestions and makes it easy to use. I appreciate the personalized service and the continued development of new features but even more, I appreciate the affordability it offers for smaller operations like mine.


daycare OWNER

Thank you VirtuClock for all your recent help switching over to the new website! Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been using VirtuClock to help me track the hours of my small in-home daycare and keep our schedules on track, and with the new website Alex personally reached out to me to provide outstanding customer service. He helped me gather my old data, get everything set up and reply very quickly even over the weekend and after business hours. I appreciate this company so much, and I’m so glad to have them to help!

Cheryl A.


Fantastic! With the implementation, of stricter health measures in our province the week after we opened, I needed to be able to track daily health checks. With a quick email to my customer service rep, a brief explanation and an example of what I need, the questionnaire was added and was started using it this week. It is perfect, for my needs!

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