Five Signs You Need Help With Childcare Management

June 16, 2021

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You have been running a successful childcare business for years, but something doesn’t feel right anymore. Could it be that it’s time for you to invest in daycare management software? Here are five key signs that you should consider making a move to a day care management software solution to run your business smoothly.

1. Your administrative work is keeping you and your staff from your primary task

Every day you and your staff are bent over your desks filling in forms and daily reports, gathering signatures, checking that procedures are followed, and printing tuition bills, receipts, handouts to parents, attendance sheets for staff and children. You are using heaps of paper and spending time running an office instead of a daycare. Investing in childcare management software will help you automate many of your administrative tasks giving your staff more time to spend with the children in their care.

2. Your staff seem distracted

If your staff seem unusually frazzled, it may be because they are unable to focus all their attention on the children in their care. People who decide to teach in a kindergarten do so because they love children and want to spend quality time with them. Having too many administrative tasks that disrupt their day can be very frustrating and, over time, make them unhappy in their job. Investing in daycare management software will restore their teaching time and set them free to focus on what they enjoy most.

3. Communication with parents is getting out of hand

Your business is doing very well and you are happy that your enrolments are increasing, but you can’t keep up with letting every parent know how their child is doing. Since timely communication with parents is crucial to your business, this is an issue that needs the right solution. The right childcare management software will feature a parent engagement component, which will help you to keep in touch with every parent effortlessly. Using an app to communicate with parents is much more efficient than typing, printing and handing out paper notes.

4. You have no more space for all those folders

You keep all the records and important information on all your children in folders and the office and classrooms are bursting with them. Every time you need to check if a child has been immunized, you need to find the folder and page through it. Imagine doing that on a computer, seeing all the information at one glance. Apart from a neater school environment, employing childcare software will also keep your records more accessible and more accurate.

5. Every month billing is a nightmare

If you haven’t used automated billing yet, you are in for a pleasant surprise. This is one of the most useful features of daycare software. When busy parents have access to online billing, they can make their payments from their desktop or phone. Nursery schools that make use of childcare management software find the ease of payments for parents leads to them making their payments on time. If you can see that your business would benefit from daycare management software, and you want a platform that is easy to use, VirtuClock will tick all the boxes for you. This software for daycare centers will help you to automate all your administrative tasks. VirtuClock offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). Why not give it a try right this minute, or give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you might have.

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