Four Reasons You Should Invest in Daycare Management Software

August 29, 2021

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Childcare Management Software &  Daycare Attendance Software

There are many challenges to running a daycare center and with many of them, the right daycare attendance software can make all the difference. Let’s look at four of the most common issues that this software can help with.

#1 Get rid of all the paperwork

Most childcare centers drown in paperwork. Whenever I have reason to visit one, I am struck by the bookshelves that line office and classroom walls, all of them filled to the brim with files and binders, containing much of what it takes to run a childcare facility: enrolment details, reports, parent contact information, invoices, and official rules and procedures. Both that administrative staff and the teachers generate a lot of paperwork. It becomes a challenge to keep everything in order and it’s a nightmare if anything gets lost. This is one area where software for childcare centers can lighten the load by keeping everything digitally and in one place.

#2 Streamline communication with parents

Children of all ages are demanding and take up all one’s energy and attention once they arrive at the center. Add to that the chaos of marking attendance and getting everyone settled and happily occupied, and the day is gone by the time you remember that you needed to get an important message to a parent. A preschool teacher and early childhood educator’s best support for parent communication is daycare center software. Childcare management software can keep every parent’s contact details secure and allow the center to connect with parents in multiple ways. The right software can send notifications to parents via an app and automate invoices and other reminders. The software can act as the go-to communication tool, keeping communication with parents intact, which is crucial.

#3 Put an end to late payments

Late payments are a constant headache for places that are paid to look after children. Administrators of kindergartens, daycare centers, after-school facilities and the like have found that using digital billing can help to minimize late payments. The software automatically creates invoices and sends them out to parents on a date that suits the facility. These platforms offer parents multiple methods of payments to make it convenient for them. Parents can connect to their accounts on their phones or their computers and make the payments right there. The system will also automatically send reminders to parents right before their payment is due.

#4 Attendance

Childcare attendance software makes it easier to manage attendance. Instead of noting attendance on a sheet of paper, teachers can digitally monitor check-in and check-out times, whereby the system automatically maintains attendance records. The software makes tracking attendances and absences a breeze, which also streamlines billing. Once you have experienced what daycare management software can do, you’ll never look back. Do yourself a favor and have a look at VirtuClock. This daycare management solution can take care of all the above functions for you. VirtuClock offers a 14-day free trial (no credit card required). If you have any questions, just get in touch.

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