The Benefits of Using a Contactless Check-In App for Childcare Centers

June 5, 2023

Contactless Check-In App for Childcare Centers
During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a tremendous shift in how people manage their daycare centers. In turn, people started adopting technology to ensure the safety and health of the children. Once the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, daycare centers continued to use this technology to streamline processes. When you use a contactless check-in app for childcare centers—you can boost security, boost efficiency, improve communication, boost attendance tracking, and increase flexibility.   Here are the main advantages of using a contactless check-in app for childcare centers:

1. Better Security and Safety

If you use a contactless check-in app for childcare centers, you’ll improve the overall safety and security of your center. That’s because it eliminates the requirement for physical touchpoints and allows people to move seamlessly without spreading germs.   In addition, a contactless check-in app enables parents to check in and out without using a sign-in sheet or a pen—resulting in better efficiency and less paperwork, which can improve overall safety.

2. More Communication

One of the key things about your daycare center is improving communication between all parties, including parents and teachers. In turn, this allows parents to communicate any special instructions and updates about their child’s health.   Similarly, better communication ensures your staff remains well-informed about any issues in the daycare center, allowing them to provide the right care for the child.

3. Easier Attendance Tracking

Using a contactless check-in app makes attendance tracking far more straightforward and accurate. That’s because the app automatically records the time the child checks in and out, resulting in better updates about the child’s health and schedule.   In addition, easier attendance tracking removes the requirement for paperwork, which can cause security issues and the need for manual record-keeping. As such, the center will have an accurate attendance record, making billing and administration purposes far more simple. =

4. Added Flexibility

Another huge benefit of using a contactless check-in app for childcare centers is the convenience and flexibility of checking your child in and out remotely. That means parents no longer need to enter the childcare center to the daycare center.   As a result, parents have better peace of mind and enjoy more convenience, which makes them more likely to keep bringing their child to your daycare center.

5. Boosted Efficiency

Another huge benefit of using a contactless check-in app for childcare centers is the extra efficiency, which is essential for a more seamless check-in process for parents and staff.   With simple clicks on the app, parents can provide any required information for the teachers. That also allows the daycare center to streamline the process because they precisely know what the parents want without needing to reach out to them.

Use A Contactless Check-In App at Your Daycare Center

If you work or manage a child daycare center—you must use a contactless check-in app to smoothen the process, improve security, and increase flexibility.   At VirtuClock, we have the perfect contactless check-in app for childcare centers to improve your systems. In addition, VirtuClock offers a 14-day free trial to sample the software and gauge how it helps you.

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